Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, it's Sunday and both kids aren't feeling good. I threw my back out the 3 of us will stay home this morning ....

Currently, my husband seems lost over what to do with his freshly laundered I just kind of watched him out of the corner of my eye. He finally picked up the basket and went into our room. Yeah, that's the way to do it, baby.

We had a terrific storm last night. Lightnings, thunder and downpour rain. Wow, how gorgeous. I know Spring is really here.....then I had read about some river in North Dakota threatening to overflow/flood the areas...and it's still snowing out there. In some ways I'm glad I don't live there...but on the other hand, weather in Michigan can be very unpredictable!

I have two very close friends here in Michigan. We do call each other our best friends...and none of us rank anywhere as being number one or anything. I like that. I have several close friends I call my best friends as nobody is number one. (You all are number one to me, my dear friends!)....anyway, B and V and I are the kind you see in restaurant wondering what antics we are up to. B might be little quieter but at least she does have fun. V and I usually cause a lot of ruckus out of fun and just...plain fun mischievousness!

The other day I took my son out for breakfast at a Big Boy's and we were seated across from a table with 3 older women (60's)....and while trying not to stare or get involved in what they were up to, they were doing exactly what I just described my 2 best friends and myself. When one of them was making a silly face and gesture, the other 2 laughing at her, I looked over at her, raised an eyebrow and half smile...she just laughed out loud. A great belly laugh. Watching them (w/o being obvious), it was very heartwarming to see the closeness between those three. Silliness, seriousness, and just having a time of their lives....I can already see B & V and myself like then in 20 years (give or take....).

I am very blessed to have so many friends out a couple Amys out there, several Kim's, a Jen or two, Kathy's, too many to list.

Have a super Sunday and God bless you all.

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