Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm just drooling away...

I went to my dentist this evening.

They shot me up with Novocaine--- something that numbs half of your face.

Then the dentist starting cutting into my 32 year old crown...

and hacked away at it.

I felt nothing!

I drooled, though.

Then they pulled it off...I didn't want to see. They stuffed my mouth with a molding thing that was cutting into my cheek but...I kept my teeth gritted for that. Tried not to cry with discomfort.

During the 10 minutes wait, I was drooling worse than a baby who is teething like crazy.

My bib was soaking wet.

Finally got it out, and then had to put my old one back in...

More drooling...*cough*

In a couple weeks I'll get my new crown. OH yeah, I got to choose between Gold or life-like (the kind that looks like a real tooth)---I chose the tooth-life-like. I would hate to die and have someone trying to yank gold out of my mouth. No thankyouvermuch.

Now my face is starting to un-numb...and I don't sound so drunk ...and I have a headache.

And my shirt's wet from my drool. It's a grownup drool, not baby drool.

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