Friday, February 27, 2009

This post shall be untitled

As I have a pounding headache behind my left eyeball....and nearly froze a tiny icepack to my eyeball was NOT SMART. And I'm just too tired to even think. I am just like my sister today...overly tired.

Taking a break as I noticed I've not blogged for a while.

So...let's see....

Men should not be decorators.

Sure I can "envision" what they'd like to ... "display".

But please, for the love of the Lord, DO NOT ATTEMPT to do it yourself, men. If you have NO decorating sense, hands off! Hand it over to people who actually knows HOW to decorate.

I have already griped about this with a couple girlfriends and well, they know what I'm talking about. Egads.

So, I did damage control, fixed it a bit, and I think it'll do for now. I feel we should do more but will just have to deal with what we have.

Been cleaning my desk out and shredding confidential papers that I no longer need...and just trying to get things ready for when I move to my new assignment.

Not feeling so great right now, and have an hour to I should finish cleaning up and try another way to stick the icepack to my eye without having to freeze the eyeball out.


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