Monday, March 2, 2009


No, not you. Not me. Gosh, I hope not!

My van.

Is a traitor!

It was just fine over the weekend, and I was making plans to take it in for brakes check-up...

This morning, I went down to start it up and I went into the back seat to find something...the van stopped.

"It's kinda freezing cold right now....let me try again..."

I turn it on again, and it stalls again. So I sit down in the seat, my foot on the gas, and I try again. Sure it works when it's revving, etc. But take your foot off and it ...stops.


Climb back upstairs to call my dad...come and get Joshua and take to school please?

So I waited until 7:30 and called the mechanic. Sure...we'll come by and look at it. That's one of the great perks of a small town. He sits in...and he got the van running!


So, he was like, "okay what you want to do now?"

I had many unkind thoughts in my head at the moment...."well, the brake lights came on, and well, it wouldn't start for me this morning. Think you can check it out for me and let me know what is really wrong with it?"

He grins and jumps in my van, and ....DRIVES AWAY. I swear that van was smirking at me.


His partner drove behind him following to make sure it didn't have a break down.


I walked around with the phone in my hand---I can't hear it ring but I can hear my answering machine pick up (wow, am I that loud?).

Finally calls me to let me know it's my wheel cylinders.


Okay...and do I want them to go ahead and fix it?

Uh yeah for now---I really need to get off my butt and get that car (and I'll share in a moment...bear with me here...)...

Won't break my bank so I'm relieved. Now, they will have to order parts and then it will be ready for me tomorrow.

Tomorrow? *gulp*

'kay. I contacted my sister who I played Taxi Driver all last week for her---she realized she has an appt for her son tomorrow. But we'll work out something.

Now, I've been poking around on various sites and if more than 5 guys and a whole bunch of women recommends ONE SAME WEBSITE, I will take their word for it. So I found a couple possibilities.

I wrote to one of them, and another friend is neighbor with the dealer guy so she will ask him questions for me about that car.

And I will compare.

And get it.

*hands clasped in prayer mode* PLEASE LORD?????? Let this week be my week?

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