Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Inspired!

Hey, as I was driving home (yes, thanks, I'm feeling a whole heckavalotbetter today...no more drooly face) from work, I took the freeway. Something ... fast to take.

I saw this big billboard....

Team Hoyt with a picture of a father pushing his son in his wheelchair.

You know they ran around 65 marathons? Even very dueling ones ...I think there was one, Iron Man or something---triathlons, etc. The dad did it all...pushing/pulling his son around in his wheelchair or some other ...something. Oh yeah, he even said his son saved his life. He was close to possibilities of heart attacks, and hordes of other health issues. But with this inspiration from his son, he is more fit, and no longer at risk for a heart attack.

It's amazing.

I just smiled...and thought, way to go, you guys!

The smile on the son's face was just priceless.

I started thinkin' about growing up and what people I've been exposed to---all kinds of physical or mental disabilities. Then I raised my children in a deaf household, and they have been exposed to all types of disabilities, and not once have they even shirked or shied from anyone that were different from themselves.

My daughter is very defensive when it comes to people who make fun of us with disabilities.

And her BFFinthewholewideworld is the same way.

My son doesn't give it another thought, and sometimes he's more "deaf" than he is "hearing". Come over and watch his hands fly when he talks to me or my husband...in sign language.

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Anonymous said...

I was SUPER DEFENSIVE once my Mother became blind and could not walk well due to illness. I didn't realize how angry I was at the time, but I actually put it to good use, since anyone who crossed my path with negative things to say about the disabled tended to backtrack rather quickly once I errr spoke to them for a bit :-). I got over the defensiveness in relation to it once I got older, but many of my sentiments are the same, just a bit lighter.
I found you on Bobbie Leigh's blog..