Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a day!

Man, interesting morning.

I left the house 6:15 a.m. thinking oh cool, I'll have time to scrape the snow off the van and be at Opa's before 6:30.

So we got the snow cleared off. Perfect.

I get in the van. The clock says 6:35. WHAT???


So I take Josh to Opa's, and I told him, seems the clock is faster than I can even blink! What is with that? He just laughed.

So, then I took off....thinking I'll grab my breakfast on the road in Saline.

The drive wasn't bad but I just realized how much I hate the darkness. I. Can't. See. Scaaaaaaary.

After pulling into McD's drive through....I'm thinking, I got enough $. So I'll just get a nice hot breakfast and a hot Mocha. Yum. I could only find 5 bucks. Huh? So I settled for just a breakfast combo with a coke for under 5 bucks. (if I get one with Mocha it would be 5 and change).

Driving along and as I neared the overpass over 23, into Ypsi, the skies were lighting up pink. First I thought I missed something, was that a flash of something?

Then saw it again. Wow. Like a bomb going off behind the clouds. Then it happened again! whoa! Purty, though. But I was like, um, okay God, what are you trying to tell me? Um, thanks? um....what? (I'm talking away with God...).

Got to work, and parked inside the parking structure, knowing the weather will get worse later today (and colder) and not want to scrape snow off ...again.

I see another person standing outside his car, putting on his coat, then his scarf, then his hat, gloves, grabbing his bags, and then he locks up his car. And I could see he let out a big sigh. Must be a long distance commuter...like me!

I did the same thing, already had my coat on, but I had to put on my scarf, my hat and my gloves. Then grab my purse, my bag with shoes in it, and my coke...oh yeah, and let's not forget my keys.

*Chirp!* Alarm set, my doors are locked.

Hike up to the building...then saw a co-worker and mentioned about the skies lighting up. He said there were others telling him the same thing...so I guess I must've been like, person # 10 or something. Guess I wasn't the only one who saw the skies lighting up like that.

Really cool!

(Wait a minute, is someone having triplets today? 3 girls? The skies did light up PINK!)

I take off my coat at my desk and I find the extra cash I had ...hiding in my coat pocket. Oh well. I can get a peppermint mocha later today. Eh.

Supposed to drop in temp today---I know the clouds were "clashing" up there and there was lightning there. It was pretty and really awesome (God of Wonder....beyond the galaxieeeeees...........).

Hey Amy in NY....yeah you, girl! Now I can tell you the weather. Today we're gonna get something pretty nasty and drop in temps so it's gonna be nasty and COLD! Below freezing tonight...or tomorrow. I'm really afraid to look at the weather report. So type in zip 49286 and you can see my town's weather report, how's that?!

Everyone: stay warm and safe, please! And be a good neighbor and make sure your sidewalks are shoveled and salted....people will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

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