Friday, January 23, 2009

What happens when you lose a cap?

by Hollie Beier....(my sister)

The subject of today's lesson is why it's not a good idea to lose the caps from bottles of cooking liquids.

Let's take the tall bottle of vegetable oil that is kept in the cupboard above the stove as our example. Note the missing cap and the 3 inches of oil left in the bottom. Also note that we've had below 0 degrees for the past few nights and the Beiers who live out in the country where there are plenty of wild animals. We will also observe that there is no way for Super Mouse Catching Toby (cat) to possibly make his way up into the kitchen cupboards.

Now, it's dinner time and we are going to be cooking some meat that needs a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pan. Take out the vegetable oil and as you are tipping it, notice what appears to be congealed liquid at the bottom. Ask the question: "I didn't know vegetable oil could separate like that!"

Then look closer, and you will find why it is not a good idea to lose a cap to a bottle of liquid when there are sub-freezing temperatures outside and little grey animals find their way into the house by eating through some insulation, snacking on some cereal and then having the misfortune to fall into a bottle of liquid only to be discovered too late at dinnertime.

Please, learn this lesson well, as I have. Then have the hubby duck tape the bejeezus out of the insulation in the cupboard!

*Thank you, Hollie, for this lesson. You get an A+!


Unknown said...

Excuse me as I arf. There was a dead animal in the bottle? Seriously?

Kirstan said...

I asked her that, yes, there was a dead mouse in her cooking oil bottle.

May that mouse R.I.P.....

Hollie said...

mouse chili anyone?