Friday, May 2, 2008



I've been on HOLD for like a lifetime with Verizon. The simple request of turning off my current phone service and to send me the final hard is it to get that done for me? As of now, i've been on hold hour and 15 minutes!

I signed up for a different phone service...and it will be turned on tomorrow. But, I have to turn off Verizon's services.

I called this number, and they transferred me to another department. Then they transferred me to another department where they help "hearing impaired customers"...and they kept transferring me back to the first department. I feel like I'm being transferred all over Verizon's world. GRRR.

I use Sorenson's IP Relay service. My operator is very patient. I do appreciate his help. I guess being a relay operator requires LOTS of patience!

Well, after this is over....I can breathe? Waste of time.

Anyway, it's Friday today. I'm so thrilled. I can sleep in a little bit.

I'll let you know how it turns out with Verizon stay tuned.......

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