Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying Nun...

Is what I'm feeling and probably look like! My hair was "readjusted" last night and thinned out a bit. I feel so much more lighter, and it's little more layered, and not hanging over my eye as much as it used to. I can easily flip it out and it actually stays away! Oh wow!

Now, today is the day I feel like I need another pair of arms back there to be my "hairdresser" arms/hands. I'm sure many of you have felt that way on your bad hair day. My hair looks NOTHING like the way my hairdresser did it last night.

Oh well! At least it's not hanging over my left eye anymore, and my right eye isn't as strained as it was the past couple weeks.

I'm very thankful it's Friday again. Wow, time flies. I was just informed that Josh's softball season has started...I thought, WHAT? That's too soon. My dad will double check but if they do start like next week or something, I do have a problem with that. The kids need a break first...and visit their grandma, which is long overdue!

I'm being hopeful regarding my husband getting a job. He will ride up with his new friend next week and check out the company. See what that is all about, and then if it all goes well, yay! The new friend is impressed with my husband's use of English. He complained that many people nowadays have poor English grammar. Well, with all the text messengering and lingo and shortcuts they use...that's about all they know these days. Praying it works out that my husband will be employed before too long.

So, have a great day, and a great weekend.

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