Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ugh. I'm sitting here at the kitchen computer minding my own beeswax and telling Joshua to keep doing his homework...





Anyway, my sister, Bobbie, has started her blog...and she's brand new at this. Welcome to Bloggers World, girl! I was just reading her post for today and had to laugh. Everytime I get together with her, we always find something to poke fun at or laugh about. And of course her kids are the apples of my eye!

This morning her daughter was at Opa's house. I was wondering about her hairstyle...and Opa told me it was crazy hair day today. But she kept telling me how itchy her dress was. I told her I was very sorry and hope she will stop itching soon. And told her I hope she wins crazy hair day.

"Oooookay, bye Kirstan!" and a big hug and a cheeky kiss from her.

I had to giggle as I left. Her eyes were so big and round when she watched me leave. Awww.

Since I was kinda tagged by Bobbie...I'll put in my 7 weird things about me in here:

1. I am not a cake person. I do not like cake. I prefer pie over cake.

2. Eating fries with mayo. Yum.

3. Every year growing up I wanted homemade mac 'n cheese and homemade cranberry nut bread for my birthday. Oh dad makes the best homemade mac 'n cheese...he adds beer in it sometimes!

4. I love rain/thunderstorms. I love to watch them...I love to be in rainstorms. I think it's just so soothing or something.

5. 4 out of 6 cars I've owned were red. If I buy another car/van, it will most likely be red. (now I'm wondering, how is that weird?)

6. I watch MASH reruns all the time. When I had Joshua, and had to feed him in the wee hours, MASH would be on. The theme comes on, he stops nursing long enough to listen, then when it ends, he goes back to finish his meal. I never tire of watching MASH.

7. Um...

Oh jeez...what more weird stuff about me is there? Maybe my sisters might let me know something I might have missed.

Well, I better get off, as Joshua is very restless when it comes to doing his homework. I was supposed to write up a script for Deaf Cafe...I did one already.

Alright---I better go. For now. Both kids are clamoring to use both computers so...will let them have a run at 'em.

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