Monday, October 27, 2008

Having a bad day?

Oh gosh. Someone pointed out to me I've been little snippy these days and I found myself apologizing for like the millionth time this week. Oh. My. Goodness. *slaps self* Even I'm having a bad hair It just won't cooperate. And my makeup didn't do its job either. Guess it really shows what a snippy snit I am right now.

Something good is happening RIGHT NOW! I am actually SMILING. A friend from my Gally days found me on facebook, we hooked up, and she has started reading my blogs! She's going backwards so it's interesting what she has to say about some of the posts I've done so far. She's still wayyyyy back there, but soon will catch up to today's...eventually. Hi there! All caught up now? *waving a big hello*

I just completed writing 3 scripts yesterday and I wrote another one for update version---and included other team members ideas. So hoping the team members will work it out.

My son isn't feeling good. Got the cough...and the sniffles. And I've caught the sniffles.

Last Saturday evening, I sent my sister and brother in law out for their long overdue anniversary dinner date, and played with my niece & nephew. We did carve pumpkins and Katelin being 5 years old, did a great job painting her witch on her pumpkin. So cute. Jordan didn't care for it, and just ran off to play with his toys.

They grow up so fast.

Really not a whole lot to report maybe tomorrow's a better day....? oh yeah, we might get snow on Wednesday. Strong possibility.

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Anonymous said...

I seeee you! I actually started with the most recent posts and then worked my way back. When I started I was worried that it would seem creepy or stalkerish, so I didn't comment, but then as I got further along (or more behind) I just *had* to respond to things.

I'll keep reading! Should bookmark it so it'll be easy to find.