Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me Tin Man?

This morning, I woke up and couldn't find my glasses.

Hm....okay...maybe it fell off somewhere. I am at Vonnie's house and we stay the weekend at her house every Deaf Cafe weekend. Every month (except next month, she'll be in Hawaii and I'll be camping in Brenda's backyard!)....we stay at her house in her Coca Cola room. Yes, the Coke room full of coke stuff....coke bottles, coke toys, coke bears, coke posters, etc. Even the bed spread and pillows and all that have Coca Cola stuff all over it (logos, not the actual liquid stuff).

So being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other took my eyes a couple hours to adjust. Oh I can see...just not 100% perfectly. I took migraine pills to prevent getting cross-eyed and headachey.

We had a lazy dazy day....taking our sweet time and mentally/physically getting ready for our Deaf Cafe program tonight (okay, it's really 1 am Sunday morning I'm posting this...but it's still Saturday to me, OKAY???)...and just moments before we leave, my sweet husband brings my glasses to me.

Okay, I ALWAYS put my hearing aid and my glasses TOGETHER...ALWAYS! Always. I put both on top of dresser...together. Always. Same as I have for the past few years I stay at Vonnie's house. Same spot. Always.

Tell me how my glasses ended up in my husband's suitcase??? On the other side of the room???

That is a mystery that might not be solved but ...

My eyes said, "Okay, here we go again...need to readjust...."

And since I can't take my migraine pills for another few hours, I had to actually feel my eyes readjust.

BOING! Ow. That hurt.

Great program tonight. The team members did a great job tonight. I know it was all God. Seriously.

We didn't practice until today....and we were more like, "we'll just go with the flow".

And we did.

Great fun we had.

And the most energetic we've had in a long while.

We went out to eat afterwards....and as I got up from the table, I really felt it in my joints, my feet, my back...

I'm getting olllllllllld.


Tonight (well, an hour ago), I chatted with Vonnie, my husband and another friend...we were shooting the wind and came up with a fun new program idea---the Wizard of Oz.

I know I'll be sore in the morning (okay, around 7 am or so)....and I am the Tin Man. Creak...creak....creak.....

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