Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gooooood Morning!

Ashley waited patiently for me to come home yesterday. I was taking my time getting home...Josh was spending time over at Bobbie's to play with my niece/nephew and eat pizza.

I could see Ashley in the window watching for me. I live in a downtown building in downtown Tecumseh...which is a great, awesome place to live---everything nearly right at your doorstep. And downtown being only 2 blocks long. Yeah. Want coffee? Visit the Daily Grind across the street over 1/2 block..... Need a barber? Just the next corner on my right. Need books? Cross the street and walk another half block. Want to buy antiques? It's just RIGHT THERE across the street from me. Want order pizza? Heck, they're practically in my backyard (or, really, side yard)...I could holler out the window my order if anyone is standing outside their back door for a smoke or getting ready to deliver....yeah, the perks of living downtown!

Anyway, I cut through the free city parking lot to get over to my street and park in front of my building....and I can see her in the living room window (mental thought: that's where I'll put the Christmas tree up this year)....

The second I pulled up to the curb in front of my building, Ashley runs out....

"Mom! (what happened to "Mother"?)....Can I go to this fundraiser thing to raise homeless awareness in Adrian??? "J" invited me and "E" to join....there'll be a radio station there and we'll be living like homeless...."

"Sure." (I've not even turned the engine off or unbuckled my seatbelt...)


I come inside and I give her and "E" sleeping bags. I told them it will be very, very cold, and they need to be very, very warm! The "oh my blanket is enough" and I'm saying, NO...TAKE THE SLEEPING BAGS!

They're home now...and thankful I made 'em take the sleeping bags.

They are more aware of what the homeless go through every day. Brrr!

It was funny, as I talked to "J's" Grandma yesterday (who by the way was picking up all of "J"s friends all over Tecumseh), Ashley remarked, "I'm doing a lot of church stuff this weekend!"

I laughed. I wished them well and to have fun but to really think about the plights of the homeless especially during these troubling economic times...people losing jobs, homes, etc.

Another "church thing" we're doing today is going to my church in Ann Arbor, for the Harvest Festival, which is a fun event for families, especially for kids, to play games and get treats (whether you win or lose...) and there will be car trunks full of treats...this year will be outside so that's nice. Families signed up to fill up their trunks full of treat...and they have the bouncy stuff kids can bounce around in....and fill up with so much sugary treat, I'll have to make an appt with the dentist....

I look forward to that....the harvest festival, yes. The dentist, no.

Well, I GUESS (in a big *sigh* way) I will do some laundry and will try to clean up ... SOMETHING....around here....and help my kids put together...costumes....something.

Have a wonderful Saturday y'all. It's truly a fall day.

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