Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Blues...

A bluesy jazz tune ....

It is a grey wet day today at my end of the world. I have a friend who is really feeling blue and all I could do was lift her up with prayers. Praying she feels better soon.

I have the no-heat-yet-at-home blues....I've had my husband convinced I know what I am talking about. The AC/Heat guy never, ever, ever came back to reinstall the wiring thingy back up with the furnace. He never came back. far it's not developed frost inside the home. We're comfortable, but we'd like a little warmth, please.

I got the Coca-Cola blues....the university I work at is switching over to Pepsi. I am addicted to Coca Cola...and when I went to buy some coke, they said, sorry...only Pepsi now. Ohhhh.

Well, I have some at my desk so I'll just drink that up. And start buying my own to bring to work.

Well, in spite of the Monday Blues...I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL time over the weekend. My husband and I attended a special workshop in Sterling Heights at Memorial Baptist Church. Brian Sims, a pastor of Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, came up and we had a blast. Deaf Cafe was honored to participate in the program by having song/skits. I know the deaf in the Detroit/Sterling Heights area had a blast.

So much going on to think over, and new lessons applied. And strong encouragement from Brian to my husband, I noticed it lifted my husband's spirits. I thank Brian from the way bottom of my heart. Thanks!

Well, lunch break is up....(another bluesy moment? nah...)...and I have more than enough to do. I find when I have more than enough to do, I'm happy being kept busy and the feeling of accomplishments.

Have a bright, happy Monday....

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