Friday, October 24, 2008

I survived LIVE Rock Band concert 2008!


I survived sitting there listening to 4 me away out of my seat (nearly, really).

My daughter and her friend...


*shaking myself*

No matter how deaf you can be, it can really blow you away. I didn't know whether to keep my hearing aid in or out. Kept it in. I could hear the words little clearer (but still can't make out what they say...they're too far away and I have old eyes....)

I was impressed, though, with the bands. The Cab, the Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional and Panic at the Disco all played....

I liked the Plain White T's and the Dashboard Confessional better than the other two. The lead singer for Plain White T's looks so much like the YOUNG Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Wow!

When we got to the EMU's Convocation Center, I expected it to be jammed or traffic problems or ...something.

Nope, I parked pretty close to the Convocation Center. Wow. It went pretty smooth. We got there around 6:20 pm. Not bad.

When we realized our tickets was for "any seat in the lower bowl" we found a good spot where we could see them in front of us. But not up close on the sides where people would really crowd around there and jumping/standing around...while this old fart wants to sit and "chill".

It is such a different experience when I went to see Duran Duran in concert at The Palace in Auburn Hills, and my sister and I were on the floor, and I could barely see anything as there had to be TALL people in front of me, who STOOD up the whole time....and their arms up in the air....that didn't help this short gal.

Anyway, leaving after Panic at the Disco finished their round, we got out w/o any problem.


And got out of the parking lot w/o any fact, I didn't have to wait in line or anything. The EMU or Ypsilanti (or both!) police did a great job! You guys rock!

Smooth out the lot and onto the roads to head home.

Smooth sailing home.

Got home pretty exhausted. The girls are getting ready for school as I type this, early Friday morning!

Few things came to mind as I review last wasn't bad for a 3 1/2 hour concert. One band didn't show up (supposed to be a 5 band thing...) so I'm thankful it didn't become 4 hours or 5!

The way they did the lights and the screens...whoa. The lights to go with the beat or the music...awesome. That I wish for Deaf Cafe. We'd LOVE to have those lights when we do our music....but that probably cost millions of dollars, right?

The subwoofers and the speakers and amps or whatever...those big monsters that blare you out of your seat...oooh, awesome. My seat vibrated the whole time. I had no opportunity to "relax" but just kind of sit/dance to the beat.

I think I would enjoy concerts at the EMU Convocation center more than I would at the Palace. BUT would depend on who's playing.

And concerts at the Convocation center is a heck of a lot CHEAPER too....

And I'm glad I didn't stand around with those who got the floor (which is the main floor, leading up to the stage....)...they had NO SEATS.

Good experience. I did try to floof up my hair ...spike it a little, and try to look cooler or blend in with the young'uns....but...I guess I'm getting old....age will defy you no matter how hard you try. Oh well.

I had fun...and the girls were very happy. Their very first live rock concert. Yeah.

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Growing Up Deaf in a Hearing World said...

Sounds like it was an experience the girls won't soon forget!

Perhaps the next one I'll join you so can see what the fuss is all about!