Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GIVE UP vs. give up

It certainly felt like a Friday or at least a Saturday to But no, it's only Wednesday and the last week of August.

I took today off to be with a friend at a funeral for his sister who passed away. The service itself was very lovely and I could not see the interpreter very well---without getting a kink in my neck. But I could lipread the speaker very well. I especially like what he said about give UP (to God), not give up (quitting)... and I thought, wow. If things are tough going in this world, give it UP ...(to God...), don't give up (quit).

I then went into Adrian with Ashley (she had gone with me) and we went shopping at Staples and then at Walmarts. I sure was worn out by the time I got home...and I'm still wearing myself thin.

I got home in time to grab Josh from "Milkboy"'s house and take him for a haircut at the barber. I said I want everything to fit in with the bangs I gave him few days ago. So the man was really good about trimming 3 months' worth of summer hair off Josh. What a difference it makes. Then came home and ordered pizza while I prepared lasagna for tomorrow's Deaf Cafe husband would only need to throw it in the oven tomorrow afternoon an hour before I get home.

Got load going---the washer and dryer is happy to be on with me tonight---and I even got to mop the bathroom floor! The kitchen needs it but I'm too tired to clear it out (have rugs everywhere)...

Anyway, I also need to write up scripts so need to get crackin' on that. Kind of hard to get into that frame of mind.

Hope all of you had a good day today.

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