Monday, August 25, 2008


Eight more days until my kids go back to school!

Saturday night, Josh stayed the night with "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" and spent most of the day with him. Last night, Josh invited Milkboy over to stay the night. Milkboy had been grounded almost the whole month...getting himself into one trouble after another. When he finally came over last night, I was so happy to see him! I asked him if he can try to stay out of trouble this time---the summer's almost over!!! He just blushed. But I'm glad to have him around.

I didn't have my hot double date with the washer/dryer over the weekend. Instead, I took my kids to the lake on Saturday---and came home, and did absolutely NOTHING. It was nice to lounge around ... doing nothing.

I do have a busy week ahead of me.

A funeral service to go to on Wednesday. My dear friend's sister passed away Saturday. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Wednesday night prepare the lasagna dinner for Thursday's Deaf Cafe meeting!

I am hosting a Deaf Cafe stage team meeting at my home. It's so RARE to have them hike down to my neck of the woods for this purpose. Rare. Most meetings are held in Flint at someone's house...and I'd meet on videophone (or webcam). Practice meetings are at someone's house OR some church...but this week, my house! WOO! That's a very rare treat. And of course I host a meeting during Christmas vacation as well. Yeah.

For this Labor Day weekend, I don't think we'll do anything but go to the lake again. Last chance to bake myself a bit more and chill out before the busy school season starts. Ahhh!

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