Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Panic at the Disco...

Got an email from Ashley this morning...I knew about this, and the group being Ashley's favorite. While some secular groups are "okay" or some are pretty outrageous, I've "listened" to their lyrics and they're not bad. Ashley is very mature for her age, and I trust her in what she listens to. Anyway, I knew about this group coming to town near where I work, and I had hoped, HOPED she would never find out.

Well gosh darn it...I received an email from her:

Ashley: I signed up for this website where they email me and tell me what's band's going to be playing where in Michigan. Panic at the Disco is playing near your work...please? (she enclosed a link for me to check out).

Gasp! The site she had was going for 77 to 400 dollars! NO WAY! I wrote back:

Me: I'd love to take you but the rates are outrageous. And I don't like main floors. Being short, it's very difficult to see over other people...and very crowded!

Ashley: dang.

After thinking a while, and checking out what my benefits are as an employee, I found the rates to be much lower! MUCH LOWER. So...I wrote her back...

me: let me see what I can do.

True enough, someone mentioned a site I can use and sign up for that. So now I'm waiting for my own special registration information so I can access this site and get it at an incredible good deal.

Nice to know it can be possible to accomplish this.

Stay tuned: if I'm successful and will be the coolest mom ever (winning more gold medals...), in her eyes. I know she will work very hard for this. Early birthday gift for her, yes.

I'll just take out my aid and just go with the flow....

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