Monday, April 13, 2009

The mystery of the missing spinach, garlic and panty hose

Man, what a weekend! That was just really a great, awesome weekend! Oh man....and I'm tired!

We stuck around in Flint to have a wonderful Easter ...dinner...supper...meal...with our wonderful friends and...

....I had gone shopping with a friend Saturday morning. I figured, I could leave some things in the car overnight as it'd be cold....and when I met up with my wonderful friends, they could take the ingredients home for me, stow it in their fridge.

So we're at Meijers, I go through the self check-out. That was really cool!

Last things my friend bagged up for me and put in the cart was spinach, garlic and panty hose.

We go to MY car, Betty, and unload into the trunk of Betty.

I go through the bags to make sure to keep hers separate from mine. And I did see my garlic, spinach and panty hose (I bought 2....)

Arrived at my friend's house, open Betty's trunk, and my friend takes out her stuff. I check to make sure all is there. Yup. Nothing needs going in except for a couple frozen pizza I was gonna bake for lunch.

We eat that, we get ready for Deaf Cafe-Flint, and then we go out there, do our thing....Jerusalem style...and then after the program was over, I tell my daughter to hold on and let me get her pantyhose out of the trunk.

I open it up. It's not there.


I go through EVERYTHING. Nothing. It's freezing outside and the wind was bitin' a little.


I ask my other friend if she can loan my daughter a pair of panty hose.

Sunday morning, I go through the trunk, even checking the Spare Tire Compartment to see if it fell in there.


My friend checked all her bags ....her fridge...nothing.


We go to church---and the room's full (we visited a church in the Flint area)....and I was sharing how there must be a ghost or something that stole my spinach, garlic and panty hose.

Mr. Magic (a visitor as well, and performs magic tricks) said, "what would anybody want to do with those things? Stuff the spinach and garlic inside the hose, and swing it around to make something with it??"

AHA! IT WAS YOU! He denied it. But I caught him blushing....

Then how were you able to come up with that?

He shrugged...

I just looked at him....I'm watching you....

Really, all in good fun. I am not sure what happened but it's a mystery. My friend and I will continue to investigate the mystery of the missing spinach, garlic and panty hose. And yes, Mr. Magic and his wife joined my family for the wonderful Easter Feast at our friends' house. We see a great, wonderful friendship developing there.

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Growing Up Deaf in a Hearing World said...

well.... I don't have the ORIGINAL spinach, garlic and pantyhose but I do have the replacements which you had to buy and left behind... so if you are looking for those...just yell...