Friday, April 3, 2009

The Vehicles' Dating Game...

It's another blustery,

My daughter and her very BFFinthewholewideworld had gone outside.

My husband went out for a walk and to pick up pizza....deep dish Chicago style (yummmmm)....

I heard something so I thought, okay maybe husband is back.


Then I glanced outside.

Took a double-take look.

A saucy, sporty red car is all snuggled up with our beat-up van.

Heart in my throat....I grab my coat, shoes and ran down the stairs....

and out the door, across the street to the parking lot....

The saucy, sporty, red car is too close for my honest opinion.


I looked around, tried the door of the car...locked. Darn.

Ran back in the house, with shaky hands, I called the wonderful Police Department of Tecumseh (they rock!)....

Non-emergency, but I'd like to coax this car to stay away from the van....please?

What? Oh, nobody's in either car/van...nobody's hurt, nobody's around and I'm staring out my window. Can you send someone out please?


So I go back out, relax and study the incident. And try to bury myself deeper into my coat---the wind is really bitin' us tonight...

My husband has returned with the Chicago deep dish pizza (yummmy)...I wave him over, and he asked me what I did. "WHAT you mean what did I do??? Helloooo? Is that MY car???" *scoff*

He just shakes his head, laughs, and I told him to go inside and I'll deal with the police.

Officer shows up...very pleasant, and very nice man. He chuckled when I told him, "it really shows you how strong the winds are today....OR...perhaps the car got lonely...and wanted to cuddle up with my van?"

Apparently that sporty car's parking brake wasn't put on. So, I do the "report ritual dance" and give the officer all the information I have on my vehicle.

Then that was it. I trudged back across the street into my home---thankful to be out of the wind....

Few more minutes later, the owner of the car shows up....that driver's turn to do the "report ritual dance" to the officer and carefully pulls the car away from the van.

Verrrrrrrrrrrry carrrrrrrrrefullllllllllllly.

And the officer made the driver make sure the parking brake is on. And firmly in place.

The van's now all aloooooooooooone...and standing strong.


*don't vehicles, humans or animals have been harmed in this "vehicle dating game*


Growing Up Deaf in a Hearing World said...

Do you think those two really met on eHarmony and are meeting for the first time? hee hee

Anonymous said...

I imagine the sports car was small and snuggled up to get warm. OR your van is really a "cougar" and just looking for a younger "guy" LOL