Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Weekend....

I know, I know...."why isn't Kirstan blogging lately??"

Sorry, my dear fans, but boy, talk about.....BUSY!

I did go up to Bambi Lake up in Roscommon over the weekend. I really had a fun blast there. It was just so fun to meet so many interpreters and to meet some deaf too. Even though the workshop was really for the interpreters, deaf were invited. And of course, I didn't know any of those deaf. Which was fine....because I made new friends!

The speaker for the workshop was really cool. I really liked her a lot. And so funny! And...she's a bit technically challenged. When she brought her laptop and the workshop organizer brought the projector, those two things did not want to cooperate. THANKFULLY, my friend had borrowed Deaf Cafe's projector for her laptop, and we were able to get that set up very quickly and going. The speaker was very grateful. She does, however, prefer the old fashioned way---overhead...and transparencies. I can understand that.

Unfortuantely, I was suffering severe allergies and well, you know how it can develop into a sinus infection---painful, right?

Yeah. And it hurts like heck!

The weekend there was just beautiful.

We came home Saturday night and I went to church in the Flint area. I figured I would go see Andrew after church so why not stick around instead of doing so much long distance driving??

I drove out to see my newest nephew. Oh such a sweetie. So beautiful. Has his mom's hair and feet but oh he is very much Daddy. Or Papa. I don't know what he'll call his dad but...yeah.

It was just so wonderful and I was so overwhelmed with emotion---the love and the joy and the beauty, I was just bawling my eyes out. I know my sister was little startled but she was very understanding....

"I don't know if it's because I hurt so much (sinus infection build-up) or I'm just feeling hormonal or I'm just overwhelmed with falling in love with Andrew!" *snifffffffffff*

It wasn't a pretty sight to see me blubber away but, my German Bro-In-Law took some great pictures.

I'll post them at a later time. At the moment, I've been unwell and not spent much time on the computers so hopefully tonight I can post 'em.

Stay tuned.............

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