Monday, April 27, 2009

Mind's ramblings...

I am pretty much 3/4th recovered from my very bad, horrific day on Saturday.

Now I'm into writing up scripts.

My husband moved my very top secret important notes I took last Thurs...and I really, really need 'em.

I guess I'll just wait for him to come home and reveal the location of my top secret notes.

He's gone out to gas up the van and get some groceries.

So I wait.

I asked my daughter for another hug like she gave me Saturday night. She just loosely hugged me while texting someone....


Some hug but hey, at least her arms were around me! Kind of.

Alright well, I guess I better get going. I need to write up at least the first draft. And try to catch up on news. Ever since I started working in my new position, I've not had time to read the news or even want to bother watching news when I get home.

Swine Flu. Oh. I need to read up on that...what's that all about?

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