Friday, April 10, 2009

Can your car do this?

Wow, I am amazed what Betty lets me pack into her!

3 duffel bags
One suitcase (the hard remember those? yeah...)
A wicker basket (can be used as laundry basket or for toys, take your pick)
A huge wooden salad bowl I got for my wedding 4 years ago...
My husband's bipak bag
5 costumes
Ashley's Pillow
My yellow soft bag...

And nothing needs to spill over into the back seat!

So two 13 year old girls and a 8 year old boy will sit in the back seat....comfortably. I pray...
(psst...please pray for me for travel mercies...for the kids to get along.... for 90 minutes...)


I'm so thrilled. I think my husband was skeptical but hey, I know what Betty can do.

mmmmmmmmmmmwah...I love my car.

See y'all in Flint then....and Happy Good Friday!

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