Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, what a day.

Trained in my new position today...well, this morning.

Then did my own stuff.

Left early for an appt.

Had an awesome video-phone call with a fella who is a missionary. It was so sweet of him to think of my husband. When I get more information, I will post about it. But wow, it's exciting.

Comcast came over to take care of the cable wires, etc. All is well.

Took husband over to a guy's house for their weekly Tuesday Night Bible Study...then grabbed Joshua from his aunt's house, and then drove over to the civic auditorium to hear Ashley's 7th grade band.

They've improved SO MUCH! WOW!

Josh was able to videotape a song but I'm not sure of the sound quality. Hm...

Ashley thinks it sucks (sound quality).

I'm deaf. How can I tell? I mean I could hear but how could I tell if it sucked or not. Eh.

Now we're home. Made Josh take a bath (man, how do they stink up so fast?!?), and now I'm chillin' out.

I'm going to crawl into my bed...and watch a show or two.

How was your day?

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