Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi, I'm Nitpicky...

I'm sitting here at my husband's computer.

Next to the window where I can see everything---the traffic downtown (which is very quiet...), and wondering when the heck will that snowstorm start?

I've been wanting a Saturday all to myself for once. I do have a meeting to go to this afternoon. This type of meeting, normally not so bad, but can become stressful because you usually have a person in there that likes to raise heck.

It has never failed before---raising heck.

Anyhoo, I'd like to try to really put away my stuff. A long time family friend came by last night to drop off something and I told her, "by the time you all interpreters come for that yummy luncheon, everything will be put away..."

She just laughed because all the years being my childcare provider (Josh being her last baby to care for), she has visited many homes that were not so very clean. Cluttered, busy...which shows that those people do have a life.

Yeah yeah yeah. I just said, I've been away so many weekends there just hasn't been any time for me to do what I need to do. The list gets longer. And finding a car is on that list as well.

No, I haven't called or gone by yet. I need to really think about that car if I want it or not, and go with my plan that I came up with---stick the rest of the money into a savings and let it build up until the Van dies, then we have the money for another new (used) car/van? Have to really think about that some more. I could use it for my very own laptop couches...or something.

I'm very nitpicky about what I shop for. Heck, my JcPenney's gift card hasn't been all spent...I haven't gotten anything for myself. So soonfully, I'll see something there I like and buy it with what's left of the balance of my JcPenney's gift card.

I just stick with the rule..."Do I NEED it or do I WANT it?"

Needs are more important thant the Wants.

I NEED a car, and I NEED something that saves on gas, and easy to care for. Do I WANT it? Ehh...Yes. So there are 2 NEED reasons and one WANT.

Eeney Meeney Miney Moe.

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