Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Mary Poppins kind of day...

It sure was blustery today....I didn't realize it until I've parked at work, and as I was shrugging my coat on, and looking at the tree next to the parking structure, I realized it was nearly bent over. I thought, wow!

Then I started to open the door, and the wind just blew it out of my hand! The van shook at that impact and I quickly gathered my stuff, and shut the door, locking it.

Walking to the library, it really tousled my hair and nearly blew my mocha out of my hands.


So I hurried along and got inside. Phew.

I have happy news. I am being reassigned to another department within the library I work at. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to spread my wings and learn new things. I would be dealing mostly with Interlibrary that'll be new. Plus, I'd be working as a team member with 2 others. I do laugh, though, because one of them used to be MY student assistant in my earlier days in that department! And now he's a full time staff. How cool!

In the meantime, during this transition, I will be training someone my stuff, and then once this person gets the hang of it, train the person who will fill in my shoes.

So it'll be an adventure. I will move to my new position sometime next month.

In the meantime, I'll be just busily doing cleaning-up and getting things little more organized so I'll be more prepared when training time comes.


And 20 years with this University...I stop and think, wow! I've come so far! I am truly blessed.

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