Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"SKI" trip....

Well, after today, I will be out of town for 4 days, 3 nights. Am I running away to the south? Oh I wish!

I'm going on a ... "ski" trip. *cough*

Yesterday a co-worker was teasing me...are you taking off these 2 days because of "C" taking last Friday off?

I laughed...and since she couldn't see me as she was behind a wall nukin' her lunch, I said, "Oh I'm just running off for a "SKI" trip (didn't see me "quote" with my fingers)..."

She comes out, "I never thought you were a 'ski-er' type"

I nearly choked on my drink. I told her, I can ski...cross-country ski. But I have never gone downhill skiing in my life. It's just a getaway women's retreat, and we're just calling it "Ski Trip" because it's easier to say it. Perhaps will go snowboarding or snow-mobiling.

Just a bunch of us will hang out, have a Pasta night and the next night some of them will go out. I'll probably just stay behind and chill out in the hot tub. A time to escape the family and work and everything. It's a women's retreat.

I would rather go somewhere where it's warm. BUT...if the rental place we are staying at has a hot tub...I'm for it! And to make new friends while hanging out with a long time friend of mine.

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