Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things that irks me...

Sometimes there are every day things you don't give it too much of a thought. But when it keeps occurring, maybe all at once on a rare blue moon day (or full moon...take your pick). Everyone has something they have issues with---things that might just...irk them. So, every once in a while I might list things that irks me. Just to get to know me better.

When I'm commuting...these can be quite irksome:
  • People speeding and trying to get ahead of us...by going 90 mph or something. Then soon afterwards you find yourself behind them...wondering, where WAS the fire? And end up slowing you down.
  • I caught a young man driving a very nice, (probably brand new) SUV and when I looked over as I passed him, he was TEXTING! *gasp!*
  • I once got stuck behind a woman who was weaving in and out...it was kind of hard to avoid her. And it was one of those heavy traffic days...and she was not watching the road. Why? She kept turning around into the backseat to deal with her kid there. Ah. *sigh*
  • Cars that go like 20 mph BELOW the speed limit. Oh. My. And usually I'm ... trapped!
  • People who passes you, and they ... stare ... at you as they go by. What, do I have a booger hanging from my nose? *checks mirror*
  • Being "caught in a crossfire" of a serious road rage. Oh. My. Goodness. It was very hard to get outta there---and I just had gotten Betty (car). Oh Lord...keep 'em away from me. I have seen other road rage but this one really was bad...and the close up look on that driver's face --- scary. Glad I wasn't the target but still...dan-gee-urrr-ous! *shudder*
  • I think everyone can agree with me....accident sites. Oh everyone must slow down to gawk over accident sites. Oh yes. It could be someone dealing with a flat tire or a 3 car pile-up...let's keep the traffic moving. Don't want any more...accidents, please. thankyouverymuch!
That's about all I can think of. If anyone has some they are easily....irked...about on the road or anything related to driving...I'd love to hear it! Yes, misplacing car keys counts!

Oh yeah, to my friend in NY...thank you for that wonderful word, "irk". I love it. It sounds just right to describe...my irks.

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