Thursday, December 10, 2009

wakey wakey....

Well, this week I have gotten up earlier than usual to take my sister to work this week. In that process, I also drive my niece over to Opa's house before we head out on our 40 minute commute to her work then mine.

Early this morning, as I was posting the 10th day of the 12 days of Christmas song on my Facebook, my sister pops up an IM to inform me....

Jedi is sick too.

Well, isn't that dandy.  Boo was sick Tuesday evening when my sister picked her up from Opa's. Then this morning, I just felt it deep in my guts, that my sister would let me know she was staying home today.

Sure 'nuff, Jedi got sick too.  "I'm staying home today...see you tomorrow!"

The life of being a mom. And I got amazing big sister/mommy vibes!  Oh the power!

So, now, at 5:30 am-ish, I'm just poking around killin' time, wishing my husband didn't accidentally break the coffee pot (the glass one for the coffee maker), and thinking about where I want to buy a cuppa coffee, and debating what to wear today.  Oh yeah, on the Christmas shopping list, a new coffee pot...probably snag one from Goodwill or somewhere. I only need the coffee pot. My coffee maker works just fine.

Yesterday was amazing. Or...interesting. Or...frustrating? How about all three?

First off, the drive to work was fine. Little slushy/slippery and bit foggy...and made it to work just fine.

Had a great "Holiday Luncheon" for all those union members of my Local 1975 yesterday. The roast beef was just to die was perfect. Another friend and I were both in agreement that this year's luncheon was the best.  Oh and the cake...oh my! I was stuffed!

THEN...back to work, and I'm trying to create a quick shortcut on my Quick Launch (on the toolbar) from the shared drive, when suddenly, some files were deleting from the computer! Panic mode here. AAAAACK!  So I stopped whatever...I have no idea why it deleted when I was merely trying to put it back into its folder...(I never had that problem before with the old computer).

So, 3 of us stayed until past 5 pm slowly dragging one file by one into the shared drive, and ran into some glitches. In a good way, we needed to address that problem, but in another way, it was still not good because well, it wasn't suppose to act up on me like that.

I do like to think I'm computer savvy...heck, I have a husband who is a true computer geek, and another friend who knows a trick or two with Office, but I pretty much can hold my ground.

When we got our new work computers, we have noticed many differences from that from our old computers. Sometimes I miss my old computer, but not the slowness of it.

Oh, the verdict...someone in the IT department was saving everything into his flash drive...and this morning, we'll see if we can fix that one glitch (a huge report with the longest file name in the world was creating us headaches)...and breathe easy., at 5:15 pm, I called home to let them know I was on my way home. My son was sobbing...he cut his thumb a little. *sigh* 

Driving home was a real challenge.  Betty is a small see. A Ford Focus....I love her to death. But driving in 60 mph winds is not Very challenging, and oh yeah, very dark.  Hard to see what will be blowing in your path. I've probably run over a million loose sticks....branches...

So.......let's see how today turns out.

Happy Thursday, y'all.  

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