Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Precious sleep....

Yesterday was such a long, sleepy day. No matter how many cups of coffee I had or how frequent I got up from my desk, I could simply not stay awake.

I knew it was gonna be a long day. 

Of course, you are all familiar with coming right in the house as you get home, to be bombarded with the famous "What's for dinner????" question.

I still had my coat on, mail in one hand, and stuff from a store in the other hand. I looked at him, and said, "I haven't planned dinner yet. You can find something to eat in the kitchen...."  

Truly, we do have plenty where he can choose from.

And I'm fighting off exhaustion.  Since I wasn't in the mood, I suggested to my husband why not he and son go to the church for the free dinner? And I'll just crawl in bed and just rest. After all, I really lack in energy.

So off they went, and after dinner, they'll go to a friend's house for bible study. I can imagine the boys there hiding and ready to ambush Josh as he gets out of the car....they did that last week with water guns. Fun. Funny boys.


Ashley made omelettes for herself. Her very first one. I really will have to encourage her to do her best to learn and cook for herself. After all, mommy won't be around forever to cook for her. She just simply loves the way I cook certain things, oh yeah, that includes how I make hot chocolate. She likes the way I make it. Uhh...just get hot water, then pour the hot coca mix in it. Stir. Bingo. I guess she just likes the mommy touch to the things I create. How sweet. 

Then... I ended up falling asleep my warm bed.

Now, I'm off to get all gussied up and get my hair up. Face on. Dressed. And go out brave the snow and cold weather, wipe my car off...and prayerfully can head over my sister's house without any problems.


I was very glad to get the much needed sleep I needed ...

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