Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gifts that keeps you full....

Wow, doesn't it look lovely? The pickled pickles and the peppers were given to me by my sister in Lapeer. She has a lovely garden and picked many to can them and enjoy in recipes.  The jar on the far right is something fruity so I have to try it and experiment. I have no idea what it could be...she promised me it's not bananas.

Another friend gave my family and I homemade strawberry jam (jar on far left). I am so looking forward to trying it! 

I was not home all day yesterday. I and my son went out to visit my Lapeer sister, only to get off on the wrong exit (I needed to go 10 more miles for the next exit!) lost for 45 minutes, no sense of where North and South is. Got very frustrated but kept calm and cracked jokes with Josh. Finally found the right way and arrived just in time for a very yummy lunch with my sister, her husband and baby Andrew.

I truly enjoyed the time I spent with Andrew. He's just got the biggest brown eyes and long eyelashes. Why do guys get that?  C'mon!   I had been slammed with a was a 2 day marathon for it, and thankfully my sister had something I could take, and take a short nap in her guest room. Thanks, sister!  As soon as Josh and I left, her medicine she gave me started to kick in.

Deaf Cafe was a great program last night. They put on fun Scrooge-type dramas and skits. The songs were beautiful...and John B. led a great devotion last night. I really enjoyed it.

So, anyway....Jesus is the reason for this season. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. What is its purpose?  To remember God's greatest gift ever...and Jesus' ultimate gift for us.

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