Saturday, December 5, 2009

My nephew's 1st Vacation...

What I did on my 1st Vacation
By Andrew Beier

I went to Tucson to visit my Great-Grandparents for the first time over Thanksgiving.  I made lots of new friends on the airplane and everyone told my parents how good and quiet I was; little do they know what I do at night!!

I had lots of fun in Tucson.  I got to meet my new cousin, Sunshine (we don’t have those pictures yet).  She kept doing that high-pitched, loud girly scream that I didn’t like too much.  I got my revenge, though. We were taking pictures and I pulled her hair (my favorite thing to do).

Grandma Irene was lots of fun.  She read me books and took me out in the garden.  She even gave me a flower that I tried to eat, until Mama caught me in the act and took it away from me!

She also taught me how to play the piano.
I was so good at it; I could even do it while eating!
Grandpa John was also lots of fun.  He talked to me, played with me,
and even tried to convert me from an MSU Spartan to a UA Wildcat.  I don’t think so!
I got to go to lots of new places – but then again since I’m only 7 months old, everywhere is new for me!  We went to Saguaro National Park where I got my nifty new Junior Ranger hat. Now I can collect pins of all the places I go!
We went for a walk and I got to see lots of different cactus.  Mama tried to hide from me, but I found her!   
Boy, it sure was hot that day!  I drank lots and lots and lots.  My parents sure got a surprise that evening!  I had Papa calling for Mama (who was ignoring him), until he started yelling, “ALARM! ALARM!” Mama and Grandma came running and Papa went running in the other direction.  All I can say is, a bath sure is nice to sit in after such a warm day . . . . .    
I also went to Old Tucson, which is Papa’s favorite place to go.  He’s into the westerns and country and stuff.  We went for a stagecoach ride with Clementine and I don’t remember the other horse’s name.  It was really bumpy but fun! 
Mama tried teaching me to shoot, but she’s not a very good shot.
or is she?
But then I got locked up for the dirty deed . . .
I eventually made my escape, though!  Thank goodness for the high-speed locomotive!
I also got to go to the Sonora Desert Museum.  It was so neat there! We went through this cave thingy and my parents put these bat ears on me.  I was not amused.  As if I need bigger ears to help me hear my fussing and crying . . .
I found this just laying around and wanted to bring it home as a toy for Max and Toby, but my parents said, “No Way José!”
We also saw these Javelinas (I have no idea how to spell it, I’m just a baby!) and Papa was thinking that it was getting close to lunch time.
There was this Humming Bird house that had all these humming birds in it.  They were zooming around and landing on branches, then zooming off again.  I don’t how many were in there, but there were a lot!  Mama said she could have stayed in there for hours watching them.  But, I started crying and fussing (hello . . . tired and cranky baby here) and we had to leave.
The day before we flew home, we went to Phoenix to meet with Cousin Betsy and Yago.  They were very nice.  I liked their house and cat.  I wonder if they still want children after I spent the night?
So, that was my vacation. I had fun.  I think Mama and Papa need a week to recover.  I wonder how they’ll do when we go to Germany in the summer?  I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be having fun!

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