Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, like my daughter's BF says in her facebook....snow glitter?

That's one good way to describe it.

Flurries came down...and there were some areas where snow ... actually stuck to the ground.

How purty! I can't wait...I think.

That means I need to dig out winter gear. Meaning...gloves, scarves, hats, boots....*shiver*...oh and make sure the sleds are accessible if my son wants to tackle any snow hills.

Christmas specials are on right now. One is one of my few favorite movies when I was growing up...
I still love this movie ...even after nearly 30 years!

The past couple days I spent some time watching the Harry Potter movies on TV. They were having a marathon, in honor of promoting their latest movie coming out on DVD tomorrow.  Interesting, though, with these HP movies they showed, there were MANY scenes that were never shown in the movie theaters or on DVD's. I found that very, very interesting...but all in good fun.

So...yeah. I guess I'll just grab a couple cookies, a glass of milk and go back watchin' that old 1970 movie...memories...ah memories...

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