Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so strong!

This morning I gave my husband a honey-do list take out a big ole tv out of my son's room, then move the bed to the other end of the room, and put the metal shelving where the bed used to be, put the 13" tv up there, and hook up the game consoles.

It's too heavy.

Okay, no problem. Told him I'd help him when I got home.

Well, he was busy---had a meeting with the Deaf Cafe team over the web-cam so I went ahead and moved it.

Sure the big ole tv was heavy. And of course, I just simply removed the mattress and board and just scooted the bed frame (you know those captain's bedframe type with drawers?) by sitting on the floor, bracing myself against the wall and pushing the frame with my feet. I felt like I was in a gym doing those leg weight push-ups. Oy!

Then moved the metal shelving in there and put up the small tv up there. Need to finish it up tomorrow.

I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow---but hey, my son came out smiling as he really does like it!

I have a totally different subject I'd love to discuss/ask:

How many of you have ever had to deal with someone who has suicidal thoughts? I mean, I've had to deal with 4 people in my lifetime who were feeling very depressed and having suicidal thoughts...and one of the three was almost successful with it...and I had to call 911 on this person.

Each scenario was different but all the same in some ways.

I am curious, if you had to help someone out who is feeling very depressed, and having some thoughts of just giving up...what would you do?

The first 2, I sat down with them....(different times, not 2 at the same time...just to be clear)...listened to them, offered words of encouragement. And a prayer.

The third one, I had come home and the person was practically dying after drinking some poisonous stuff that is meant for an aquarium. I immediately called 911...and then the brother. Went to the ER and of course, we had to commit the person to a mental health center. I know some damage has been done, as the personality has changed tremendously. Also the effects of the toxic stuff that was drunk (and thankfully forced to throw up) did some damage. Then it can affect your health later on.

Now, person #4 is very severely depressed. This person felt compelled to write me, even though we never see each other much, maybe 2 or 3 times a year...and, just happened to write...not knowing why. I told this person, I'm sure God had a reason for that because I myself am feeling down in the dumps for the past few weeks, and struggling to stay above it. I'm sure God wanted us to talk about this....and it allowed me to encourage this person to go back to the doctor to get help again...and not to worry...God put the doctors on earth for a reason. So, I'm still praying for this person to read my response and see what happens.

For me personally, I've had depression growing up. It would come and go. I have a bout of it right now but I've been relying completely on God to help me deal with this. I have learned that if I started thinking negative thoughts...maybe about myself, or about a certain person or people or a situation ...I fight so hard to stop those thoughts. My husband have been reminding me that Satan is feeding these into me and I should not allow that to happen.'s an ongoing battle, but I know I'm winning. I still have a long ways to go...but I know God is right with me.

Hm...just remembering I need to always rely on God. He can get me through my struggles. I just need to give complete control over to Him.

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