Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to school!

Well, the kiddos went back to school ... today!

I can actually sense many, MANY...parents all over jumping for joy, cheering as they sent their darlings off .... ahhh, isn't it so precious??? Fall can be my 2nd favorite season of the year!

After all, it's been quite a summer.

You know it's time for them to go back when....

They start to pick on each other more and more, becoming bored with the way summer's going to end, and looking forward to seeing....other people.

Armed with school supplies, and well, my son was the only one with new backpack. I had gone through the house the other day and remarked to him, "did you know you have 5 backpacks???"....that's Spiderman (kindergarten), Spongebob (1st grade), some blue backpack (2nd grade), last year is red one-strapped backpack (3rd grade) and this year with his birthday gift card from his grandparents, a new one-strapped backpack that is bigger and better than last year's red one-strapped backpack.

My daughter is reusing hers from last year. Or was that 2 years ago? Eh....no matter. If it's not ripped or torn and still sturdy...I'm happy with it (and so is she).

Well, one kid is out for the night. Oh, just before son conked out, my husband was sent to bed early---he is not feeling very good. I think with the weather changes, he got hit with a cold. So I'm trying to make him all better in time for Deaf Cafe this Saturday. I'd hate for them to be without their Jesus character....(usually many times they have a drama with Jesus character in it, and husband plays Him every time)...so if he's still under the weather tomorrow, I'll attempt to make soup...homemade soup. Some kind of soup. Anything... brothy.

Now I gotta get the other kid...the teenager....to get off the phone, off the computer and into PJ's and in her room!!!!

Then I can crawl into bed myself....

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