Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Sunny Day...

The house is bustling with activities...getting my guys ready for a wonderful Deaf Cafe program tonight...then later on, my daughter & I will go up to Flint and join with the audience, cheering the team on. We do look forward to their program. I know it'll be a blast.

Okay, I have a story to share with you....(and did get permission from husband to share...).

First, please put down your drinks and/or whatever you're eating.

A couple days ago, I was talking with Husband about various things. I did have a problem with him having to run to the nearest coffee shop to get some iced tea when he could very well make iced tea at home.

Right? I mean, c'mon, save on money when you can do it at home!

Husband: But I don't know how to make tea.

Me: HUH? Of course you do! I told/showed you how a few weeks ago!

So, I had to remind him HOW to brew tea on the stove top. I did get this idea from a friend in Flint and thought, wow, time-saver and so easy to do!

1. fill up a pitcher of water, pour into a big pot. Because we will use that pitcher for our iced-tea.

2. put on stove top and put a couple tea bags in the water. Turn on stove-top on medium setting. I signed, brewed, not boil.

3. when the tea has seeped enough in the water, just turn off the stove, and move pot to another burner, let it cool for a while.

4. THENNNNNN....pour it into the pitcher and put in fridge.

Easy, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Husband: what temperature I need set it on?

Me: what you mean?

Husband: I mean degree...350? 275? How hot turn it on?

I just stared at him, very puzzled.

Me: Um, do you realize what you just asked me? Please think carefully what you said. Take your time. Please.

He looks at me like his question was not silly. Then he thought about it, and did the Homer Simpson imitation of "D-OH!" and head smack.

I have never, ever, heard of baking tea inside the oven.

That would be very interesting...wouldn't it?

So I put that in my status on Facebook, and got lot of fun replies to that. Then last night I declared I would experiment that idea.

More funny responses to that..."wouldn't that roast the tea bags?"

I did not have a chance to experiment last night but hopefully before the weekend's over, I will:

Bake some tea in the oven, and also brew tea on the stove-top and we'll do a taste-test. Let everyone judge for themselves. So my family will be the taste testers. My guinea pigs. My testing subjects. And will keep the 911 on speed dial should it fail...

Maybe I'll start a new trend. Hm?

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