Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday my husband & son and myself went to see a deaf magician in Ypsilanti.

The Great Bobini.

And it was great to run into many local deaf friends I've not seen in years. Also running into hearing people who also are involved with our local deaf community!

The Bobini's house was completely made over into a haunted house. I mean, the whole front yard was just full of decorations. The front of the house was covered with what is made to look like a castle. Then going into the front room (or is it the screened front porch?) is like a haunted room with a casket, skeleton, etc.

They really do go all out.

Bobini wanted to dress up in a costume this year, so he put on his Evil Kneivel costume (which I tried not to make fun was just so funny and geeky), while his wife dressed up as a nurse. Why? Because "my husband is constantly breaking bones all the time..." it.

We ate and chatted in the basement---lots of yummy food.

Then went outside to watch the show. Wow. I was really impressed.

Ran into many people from the University I work at so it was nice to chat with them.

My husband became one of Bobini's victim (excuse me, volunteer) for one of the tricks. Ended up with a new underwear. (If you wanna see it, ask my husband!)

The weather was wet, but perfect. Blustery, the leaves blowing around, and temperature wise...just right. Not cold. Not hot. Just right.

And it's blizzardy in Denver, Colorado!


Today, I have 2 choices. Shovel everything in Ashley's room to one side of the room and make room for her new "used" love seat ....OR...just say, forget it and store it in my storage shed.

I think I'll just push everything over to one side, do what I can in a short time....

Then enjoy the rest of the day...and evening.

And have a safe, happy Halloween.

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