Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, I have found it harder to make myself get up in the mornings.

While it's nice to have some brightness for my morning commute to work...not having to worry (a little) about running into bucks and skunks and such....*knock on wood*

It's still hard to get this ole body to adjust to the time change.

By 7 pm, I'm yawning wider than a tired dog....and ready to go to sleep.


Yesterday the family treated me to a birthday dinner at Lone Star. It was quite very lovely, and good eats. It is also extremely nice to have my appetite back as well.

A couple days ago, I hurt Betty. I am a very good driver, and I'm very good about staying on the road, etc.

However, no matter how GOOD you are, you are still bound to have a little or big accident.

I looked down for a brief second...(that's all it took, folks) for me to find myself hitting the curb and scraping the side of Betty against a sign pole.


So I pulled over into someone's driveway, and got out to check the damage.

Oh, whew. My tires are fine. But man, OUCH! I scraped the side of her "nose" and the "hip" of Betty. It's not deep, and no dents (well, maybe one tiny one)...and it's all cosmetic damage.

I could feel my heart falling down to my feet....and I just felt so bad.


At least Betty forgave me because she kept going...and knows it was not on purpose.

I would never do that kind of quicklookingdownforaquicksecond where it might cause me to jerk the wheel little and hit a curb. And scrape against a sign pole.

Well, it's 6 am, and I need to get my rear in gear and get going.

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