Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I did today....

Well....tomorrow I will put in a half day of work, then on way home, run errands like, buy FOOD...then come home, do last minute laundry, packing. Will have the husband pack the van for me....yeah.

Today ... was Ashley's last band concert. I was informed that I believe the day before, then reminded again today. Ah. Almost last minute.

And 10 minutes before we're due to take her to her concert, "Mom, I need black socks".


So I go through the laundry and gave up, found an old pair of black tights of mine (that I swore I'd never ever ever wear again!) and cut off what I thought was reasonable sock-length. Then I said, "there....and keep it for next year too!"

At the Civic Auditorium, I sat there, listening to the 7th grade band and man are they good! They've improved so much! Then the 8th graders came on and they did their pieces. They were pretty good too, but I think the
7th grade band had better selections of songs. It was just wonderful.

Yes I can hear music, with the help of my hearing aid.

Then we swung by my sister's house to drop off Betty's spare keys so my brother-in-law can borrow it for work or whatever.

We stepped in and my nephew, Jedi, came up to me covered in chocolate and wanted me to pick him up.

Uh...I was wearing white capris but had a navy blue blouse okay..."don't touch my pants, sweetie" and carefully lifted him.

Awwww. Was just so sweet and it really touched me that he wanted me to pick him up. He's only 2! Awww.

She commented that ever since I came inside, Jedi calmed down a lot and stopped yelling at mom. Hm...glad I could be of service. I know he had sore throat and was on meds for I knew he didn't feel too good for a few days.

Sister #5 is amazed that Ashley is so tall...and so skinny! Ashley's reply to that? "That's because I'm a teenager!"


As we were leaving, Boo (niece) was rinsing her mouth out, and I was helping her a bit. Then I sprinkled kisses on her face...."Stop that!"

I said, "but why? I do that because I love you very much!"

She smiles with a very blue grin (the mouth thing that helps you see if teeth still needs scrubbing) and said something like "And I love you Kirstan"

Waves a blue tinged hand at me, buh-bye.

And out the door.

"Ashley, wanna drive?"


Okay, so we get into the parking lot that is across the street from my home. I switch places with her.

Not bad for a beginner.

She did need little help with the parking on the curbside.

And no cars or animals or pedestrians were harmed during this training...

I did this with Sister #5 when she was like what, 10 or something.

Just a taste of what driving is like.

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