Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, a lot has happened...

Saturday I made the mistake of drinking cuban coffee. That took me the whole day to detox from. I was rude to one of my BFF's and even though I did NOT intend to be rude, it came off rude and I knew it was NOT ME talking. It was the cuban beans!

(sure, blame it on the coffee!)

I accomplished finishing the scripts and we were able to rehearse the acts. Our main star has a lot to study for and I know we'll have a great program.

One of my BFF's posed this question...and it's a very good question because we were all ...not happy with someone at the moment.

"Maybe you can answer this: when my son was young, before he became a christian, he'd lie. If you asked him what color was the sky, he'd say green! If you asked what he ate, he'd say nothing, and we'd ask him what was all over his face (PBJ)...he'd say, nothing. Whatever it is, he'd lie! When he became a christian, he stopped lying. No more. So, answer me, if a person says he or she is truly a christian, how can this person tell outright lies and when they think they're going to be caught, they try to cover their behind with another lie..."

Makes us wonder, what kind of person are you really? Why do you want to lie...why not come clean and just be truthful. We'd never judge you, and we'd not ask any questions but to lie about something...and thinking we have STUPID written across our foreheads? Noo...I do not think so.

So...that was one of the discussions we had and really made me think a lot. It has also made a big impact on my impression of this person---used to be great friends with this person. Sadly, this person just chose to go off track and run towards the edge of a cliff. We've done all we could...but the rest is up to that person.

Ah...when I am guilty of something, I am quick to apologize. If I am caught doing something I shouldn't have done, I will make it right...because it's the right thing to do.

That, my dear friends, are my thoughts for the day. I just want to go to that person and say, "what were you thinking could you?" but....I don't think I'll be seeing this person any time soon...

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Anonymous said...

The Bible is clear the Jesus is TRUTH personified. When a person accepts Jesus, the TRUTH is now in that person. Lies are from Satan and he is the father of all lies. If a person is a habitual liar, that person is following Satans example and the truth is not in that person. If this person claims the name of Christ but acts this way, does it mean they were never really saved or that they are saved but are so far backslidden they no longer choose to tell the truth? I don't know the answer but I do know that there are many false "believers".