Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Camping Countdown...

One day and half til I'm out of work.

2 days until we're on the road.

2 1/2 days, we'll be at the campground setting up.

3 more days until we're sleeping in and just ...

relaxin' and chillin' and piggin' out and just...relaxin'.

I drove the van to work today. Just to see how he's been doing lately. I forgot how "heavy" it feels driving after driving Betty for so many days (since Feb!)...and knowing we will take out the back bench seat to make room for our camping gear, it'll still be interesting. Well, I hope we can unlock the back seat and get it out. If not, then...we'll see.

Tomorrow I'll drive Betty. It's quicker and ...smaller...and...all mine.

Tonight I had company over. It is always good to have this friend over for a visit. He just makes me laugh, and you know laughter is the best medicine in the whole wide world. The evening concluded with Josh showing him tricks on his scooter.

Now I'm supposed to try to watch Dancing with the Stars...and I am little restless. Hard for me to settle down a bit so I thought I'd try to blog.

Sorry it's nothing exciting ...

Good night, y'all.

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