Friday, November 13, 2009

Twenty years ago today...

I remembered my first real job interview in a real job an University!

I had applied for a full time position in the Admissions Department.  I had worn my "work suit" which was a pretty plum colored jacket with skirt, and a nice blouse. It was one of the few High School Graduation gifts given to me. "For your future, honey..."  I'm sure many ladies out there remembered those days where you try to match up many things with one skirt, right? And wouldn't that scarf look lovely around your neck?

Anyway, during the interview, I sat with one leg crossed over the other. Answered the questions and shared little bit about myself.  When the interview was over....

My foot fell asleep!


So I carefully and tried gracefully to cover up my sleepin' foot.  As I shook hands with the 2 interviewers and saying thank you, I carefully but, dragged my foot out of there.

Didn't dare to look back.  Went to my cubicle...and sat down. Oh, why the cubicle? I was working as a temp for that department I interviewed for. Yeah.

I angrily told my foot to wake up...shook it and all.

What do you know...a week later, I got the job.  

That time, I started out in Admissions, then moved up the ladder a bit to the Library. In the Library, I called myself sort of a floater...but not really. 

In the Library, I worked in:
  • Circulation
  • Acquisitions- book mending/donations
  • Government Documents
  • Cataloging
  • Government Documents
  • finally, Acquisitions in the wonderful world of Interlibrary Loan with 2 other teammates.
During my years at the University:
  • I've had 3 children, losing one to cancer.
  • Lost my mother to brain cancer 7 years later.
  • Lived in 8 different places.
  • Went through 10 vehicles.
  • Got myself married to a wonderful man...(I love you, honey)
  • All my sisters married and had children...bringing me to a total (both sides, y'all) of 6 nephews and 7 nieces. 
  • Healthy children, healthy home...
and truly blessed.

And I'm starting to feel the 20 years in me now...

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