Saturday, August 22, 2009

ramblin' thoughts...

Really not a whole lot to a lot on my mind and still sorting it all out. If I could easily transfer all these thoughts, categorize them and file them away, it might make things easier for me? You know how it can be when you have so much going on, it's hard to put down on paper...or even verbally say them. I get that a lot.

School Year List: things I must do before school starts for the kids, mentally/physically prepare myself for the upcoming Fall/Winter semesters as the workload will pick up....and maintain my sanity in the process (I work in an University Library with Interlibrary Loans).

Prayer List: praying over many things such as my own serious personal issues, my dad's health, my friends and families out there, for a new leader for my church's Children's ministry, so many things to pray about, and too long of a list...

Vacation/Staycation List: I'm looking forward to my upcoming weeklong staycation---will house/dog sit for my sister for a couple nights in her haunted house (should be interesting, and I don't believe in ghosts!), and have an opportunity to unwind in their pool and a chance to catch up on my tanning. Maybe I'll have a chance to get away for a couple days camping solo. I miss camping.

Myself List: need to resolve some ongoing issues I have, to make time for myself to find some peace and to forgive myself...and make the time to just take care of myself.

So that's pretty much what I can come up with so far.

What's your list(s) like?

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