Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Friday...

I have a son who is very, very, very bored tonight. daughter is at the High School football game tonight---right now. With her friends.

Go Indians.

Finally got to stop at Josh's school to find out who his teacher will be this year. It is exactly who Josh hoped for! Now, if they'd just send me something in the, bus stop information and all that stuff. Oh yeah, you know, the paperwork we hafta fill out.

After dinner, I went over to my sister's house so her neurotic dog, Ralphie, could get to know me better. He knows who I am and that I'm not really a stranger, but he feels he should just bark and growl at me for a few moments...I just plonked myself on the floor and let him come up to me. Growling but wanting to be petted. I just looked at him, "none of that nonsense, dear...I'm gonna be hanging out with you next week so let's behave...." and he just practically rolled over while I scratched his ears and belly. He's afraid of bats and the dark. So...he won't go outside for his potty break in the dark. Interesting. And he's not my dog.

It really does feel good that my nephew loves me so much. The really good feeling of him coming up to me, wanting me to pick him up and squeezy hug each other. He presents his forehead for me to kiss...he doesn't do the cheek or quick buss on the lips. Nuh-huh. The forehead. Just have to be careful not to be head-butted, though. Oh yeah, he gets his tonsils taken out next week Tuesday...that's September 1st, y'all.

No big plans for me this weekend. Really, just need to make my Orzo Salad for my husband to take to a BBQ & Meeting tomorrow (will do that first thing in the morning---the fresher it is, the better it tastes...), and originally I had planned on a yard sale but with the weather we've had lately, the whiplash from the hurricane(s)...nahhh. Another weekend, perhaps. So I am going to attempt to finish cleaning up 2 bedrooms this weekend.

So...oh yeah, my fridge is slowly filling up with food. And no more cracked sun-tea jars in there.

And, still clean!


Anonymous said...

The Orzo salad was great. We had a lot of food but everyone took a little of each thing. We ended up with some left. Tony said he would take it home. Did it make it there or did it get eaten on the way? LOL

Kirstan said...

I don't know what he ate or not ate...LOL. But thanks for sharing what was left. I truly appreciate it.