Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cleanzy frenzy

I, Kirstan, cleaned the fridge out tonight!

We had a very leaky, faulty sun-tea jar and it just got everywhere that when I opened the fridge, it looked like rust everywhere. Eww is right. I got fed up with it.

So....I took everything out, even the shelves and drawers and hot-soapy washed them until they sparkled and cleaned the inside of the fridge itself. Tossed out old leftovers, and threw out expired jars and bottles and just basically ... "cleaned house"!

You are probably looking inside my clean fridge and wondering, where's all the food?

Have no fear. I've not gone food shopping yet, but that is on my agenda for tomorrow evening (or Friday...depending on what kind of time I have)...and it will be bursting at the seams. I see Kroger's is having great deals so Kroger's is it!

When my kids are gone a lot, I don't buy much. My husband and I don't eat a lot...and it's usually something very simple as making burritos or tuna salad or whatever.

The sun-tea jar is in the trash. I have told my husband tonight that we are using pitchers for tea drinks. Just brew a big pot of tea, let it cool after a while, pour into pitcher and stick in the fridge. Then we have our "sun-tea" to enjoy...without any leaky spigots or cracked jars.

Oh yeah, when I first moved into this place, the fridge only had ONE shelf ... so I went out and bought 3 little drawers to create compartments for such as eggs or cheese or whatever. Usually one need to get creative and make the most use of the fridge.

I know when I move out, the landlord will need to replace the fridge...

And the dishwasher...but that's another story ....

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