Monday, April 18, 2011

Empty Arms...

Last week a 2 year old boy died. I am not sure how it happened but I noticed that many of my friends on Facebook were deeply affected by the loss. And it just was so sad to hear about any loss of any child.

After spending a glorious afternoon yesterday with 5 nieces and 4 nephews, 2 of them being the newest nephews, Nathan (3 mos) and Jacob (5 weeks), I was informed of a 18 mo. old girl's passing from complications of her leukemia.

One thing we know is that she got to wake up in Jesus' arms. 

BUT....the mother's arms are empty.  The dad's arms are empty. Without that child to hold and hug and comfort.


I know exactly how that feels. I may have all my nieces and nephews to hold and hug and comfort. I may have all my friends' children who comes to be held or hugged or comforted. I may have my children's friends come up to me be to be held, hugged or comforted.

But I am missing my Rachel.

It is really hard to describe the feeling....and my heart grieves for those who have lost their little ones.

After losing Rachel, I did not want to be hugged or touched. I did not want to be around children. Then one night a friend asked me if I could watch her girls. They were very close to Rachel. At first, I wasn't too sure about that, but she promised me they'd go to bed soon, and I wouldn't have to do much with them. Just need a grown-up in the house.  So, when I got there, the little girl, Alisha, being 2 or 3 years old at that time, made me get down to her eye level and told me straight, "Rachel want you know it's okay" and she hugged me. I froze at first, but then I found my arms wrapping around her and hugging her back. (Thanks, Alisha, I love you.)

My arms are empty of Rachel, but not empty of my children and all the people I love and hold dear. And I can't wait to fill my arms with Rachel, my mother, and all those I love and hold dear again in Heaven.

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