Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Alive...

Yes, I'm still alive. A lot has happened since forever ago. With so many life changing events happening in my life, I've just not been able to catch my breath.

But, YES, I'm still alive and kicking. 

There are huge, major changes going on in my family life, going back to school, working full time, and constantly been challenged with what life has been throwing at me lately.

After I've had a chance to take a few deep breaths, I'll sit down and catch up with you all.

Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where did the summer go...?

The other day, my baby sister and I were talking about blogging...and I shared with her that I may have many great topics to post .... unfortunately, I find myself trying to choose WHICH ONE to start with? So she and I have different approaches with what we blog.

I know it's been what, 4 months since I last wrote anything. So, let me share what I did over the summer with y'all.

June 22, I flew out to Nicaragua with a team of 12. We accomplished what God sent us there to do. We worked with the school children there, we helped with the building, we did community outreach and we even got to play tourist.  It was a different world, and different culture. I was asked by one of the team members if it was what I expected at all? I said, "no, I've seen this...." talking about the poverty, the shacks that are held together with almost nothing, trash strewn along the streets, etc.  Coming home was one of the hardest thing to do, when there is so much to do out there helping others.

In July, it was pretty much routine, with my working all the time, and the kids keeping themselves busy.  The heat wave was in progress.  Had some problems with the AC, only to find out the central AC does have a reset button!!! Nobody "melted" so I should count our blessings.   Took my son out to a  hotel with an indoor water park. We had a great time, and even though I'm older, I'm still a kid at heart. It was a good mom/son moment.

August would find me at our annual MIBCD Deaf Camp at Bambi Lake in Roscommon, MI.  It was my last term as MIBCD President, and my last time as an officer with MIBCD. I have announced that I needed to step down from serving on MIBCD to spend more time with my children and to focus on our life. We had a great program, and I honestly can say, it was probably the best program we've had in a while.  I am not the type to be prideful or anything, but trying to be as humble as I can be, and say, "we did good".  It actually went off without any major problems. And I'm just more than proud of my team---excellent team work.

September finds Ashley transferred to another High School---a smaller one. Today, I can honestly say she is truly enjoying herself there, and a huge improvement as far as her grades go, and the friends she has now.  It is always a blessing to see her having a great time.  Josh continues at the same middle school, and only struggle he has is algebra.  We both need to work together to help him get through this.

October...right now, there's an Appleumpkin Festival going on....was woken up too early this morning with the vendors busily slamming car doors, clanging of poles or whatever, setting up tables and displaying their wares....a small sacrifice to make once a year, for people to enjoy coming in and do what they do best at festivals. I said, been busy with work, and doing what I do best.  I have now an opportunity to chase after my dreams, my goals.  Reapply to go back to school and take classes again.  I'd like to go into with the area of working with women who have been in domestic situations that I'm pretty familiar with myself.  And get started in that direction.  No, I won't quit my job. No no...I do love my job. I love working with the people there and my boss is just the perfect boss.  I can't ask for a better job than this.  I'd just like to work with women, especially deaf women if possible (but am open to both hearing & deaf) who have gone through rough times....may it be domestic abuse, or a loss of a child, or whatever life has been throwing at them.  If I can fight 'em all off, so can they.  Another thing going on in my life at the moment is being separated from my husband. While I wish him all the best and the happiness, I must move on and live my life without being held back by him or anyone else. I know God got big plans for me...

So, I have had my coffee.  I have a list of things I need to do, and one of them is to get my room purged. Yeah....

I will do my best to keep up with blogging. When life gets busy, some things get put on the back burner.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adventures ahead...

In 19 more days, I'll be flying out to Managua, Nicaragua for an 8 day mission trip with others from my church.  I have already raised over 1200 to help with my trip costs. I still have around 500 to go, but I trust God will help me find the rest.

I am actually looking forward to it. I grew up in many churches (where my mother was trying to find the right church for us)and I've always been interested in the missionary stories.  And have felt the strong desire to do the same.  

When the opportunity came up, the timing felt just right. Of course I had a couple people resistant to that idea, and the worst part was having the most important person in your life not give you his full support.  

Anyway, I forged ahead. I presented the news to the Deaf ministry at my church. Oh my goodness. They all rolled up their sleeves, and started fund-raising away....pop bottle returns. Donations. Selling the ministry's t-shirts and support me on this trip. I feel so truly blessed.  But wait, the fund-raising will not stop. We have another member of the Deaf ministry going to Haiti in the fall. We will continue with the fundraising for her as well.   God is so good.

Got my passport. Got everything worked out as far as what to do with my kids (son with grandma, daughter will be home part of the time, and with friends part of the time, to keep eye on the apt). I do have a long list to check off, and praying I can get it all done in 19 days. 

Butterflies in my stomach, the excitement, the adventure ahead, and getting my first mission experience.  So exciting.